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T / doctor who / heart of the tardis
motorized wrote in capgasm
KSO, I know. Long time no post. Shoot me.

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This show needs more love here! This spam is so gorgeous and I can't wait for this week's episode! That last scene in last week's was crazy and I'm dying for more!

Lol, I know! I don't think I've ever been so interested in crows in my entire life XD

This show hurts my brain but in the best way. I love the caps you chose for blue!

I'm really liking this show so far. It has a lot of promise. Great picspam! It is a really visual (pretty) show to watch

i like this show! This is such a gorgeous spam.

(Deleted comment)
WHAT!!?!?!?! I'll admit, the first episode wasn't exactly fantastic, but I think that every episode is prettier than the last. 1x03 is testament to that in my mind :D

I love this show already, not so much for what it is, but for what's to come. It's got sooo much potential, I just hope they wont screw it up.

And yeah, this picspam rocks. Very good job!

This show is amazing and I'm surprised it's not more popular on LJ. I hope that changes. Stunning picspam! <3

Ohh I love it !! And I love this show too ^^

I think it needs more lj love ...

I am obsessed with this show lol. Just adore it!
Olivia ♥♥

Great job :D

Awesome picspam! I love this show so much, your picspam does it so much justice too, haha. The colors in the show are incredible especially the yellows.
I was planning on doing it for the challenge too, but your picspam looks SOOOOOOO much more better XD

noo! The more the merrier. Seriously, I'm literally going to force people to picspam this :D

Omg, I was going to picspam this too!!
I've fallen so hard for this show it hurts <3
Like you said, it's pretty and intelligent, what else can one ask for?

Lovely spam. I love the blue and b&w ones.

Wow, this is stunning. I never realized there were so many beautiful shots in this show. You certainly know how to do a picspam. ♥

This is such a pretty picspam! It makes me want to watch the show.

:O watch it, stat! lol.

Oh, the colouring and cropping of this picspam is GORGEOUS. And I'm totally loving the show too, so yay for more followers! :D

This show really deserves more love. I hope it will win people over. I personally love it!
Great picspam!

I'm loving this show, and your coloring is gorgeous!

I am now convinced that I should watch this.

Good. You should watch it - it's fantastic.

I haven't watched this yet, but I'm dying to.
Great picspam - love your use of colour!

This picspam is so gorgeous. Well done. Love it. :O)

Oh I love this! This show has done crazy things to my fangirlism. :)

Trust me, I'm in exactly the same boat XD

I'm really starting to love this show and its spine-tinglyingness :D

I'm so hooked on this show and your picspam shows one of the many reasons why: it's so pretty! The colours!
But yeah, I agree - it needs more love!

Beautiful picspam! FF nees more love.

so pretty! I love this show and you did a great job picspamming it.

This is gorgeous! I'm so addicted to this show and GUH, John Cho!!

This show is awesome! It really seems like it doesn't get much love. What's not to love?! (I mean, seriously, John Cho is in it. JOHN. CHO.)

I KNOW?!?!?! Seriously, people need to wake up :P

I'm really liking this show too! (and your preview pic btw) I always loved Lost: the early days, so it makes sense that I'd like it ;) Here's to hoping whoever's in charge of this ship knows how to answer some damn questions XD

Love this show. :) Nice picspam.

so pretty & i love this show!

Lovely picspam!

I wish I could get more into this show, but I'm not very impressed by it so far. Ugh. I want to love it... I blame LOST. =[

THIS SHOW IS SO DAMN GOOD. I just finished first ep, and goddamn I NEED MOAR!
Awesome picspam :)
and this show needs more love.

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