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motorized wrote in capgasm

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(Deleted comment)
lol, almost everyone hates Freddie.

Love it!
The caps and coloring are great, and I do like Cook as well!

I totally love him !! ( and your coloring too by the way :P )

I hate how people hate him because he is between Effy/Freddie ...
I know love is an important aspect of life but I hate when people hate characters because they are in the middle of their OTP and not because of what they are !!
Cook is a very complex character and I hated when people said that he was an asshole ... he has feelings too !! And he loves Effy too !! Just because is not your OTP doesn't mean you have to hate him!

By the way my otp is Cook/Effy/Freddie xDD ( I love all of them )

Underrated? Hated? Are we watching the same show?

Great picspam, though!

ikr, Cook's in no way underrated or hated. At skinsfans pretty much everyone loves Cook.

lol, see I wasn't a member there. Now that I am, I'm def. loving all the cookie-love. <33

Agreed. All the sane people love Cook. *nods*

Hehehe. I thought the same thing. Everyone seems to love Cook. Well almost anyone. Maybe like at episode 1 people hated him but not after the season was over.

I'm a fan of both Jack/Cook, but when in comes to fandom (and especially @skinsfans) I hate that everyone idolizes the character so much! And when people compare Freddie/Cook? that's when my blood starts boiling, dear god!

I was one of the rare people that totally loved Cook right off from the beginning. He just seemed the most interesting out of all the characters and he had potential to go in so many different places. So yeah the idolizing of Cook gets annoying because he s an asshole and he is not right most of the time but fuck it that makes him interesting.

Ironically, I was all about Cook while watching the first ep but when he got involved with Effy, they just killed him for me. I agree that out of the gang, Cook and Naomi are the best thing of the show, and I want them to rule it! My problem with season 3 overall is that I just can't deal with the promising start of Cook, being mashed with the already idolized character of Effy... it's like an eclipse. For that same reason, I started loving Freddie so much, I felt like he was being eclipsed as well. I hope I'm making sense :/

I'm really excited about S4 though because it seems like he's getting a new start!

everybody that I know is like OMGFREDDIE!!!!11!!
Maye it's an Australian thing :P


haha i'm australian and i find that too, he is a bit like a lad which would make a lot people adverse to him here perhaps. i think he's more complex than that though and people dismiss his character too early on in the season.

I know! I think it's because most of us probably know people so like that (well, I do, anyway) and so there's the bad associations and whatever. But it's good to see another Aus!Cook fan.

You should def. introduce me to these people! I'm a Freddie fan just because he is hated to death LOL.

agreed, i like freddie too, lol. i'd love to find some more like-minded folk.

I actually have quite a few people on my flist who love Cook as much as I do,which makes me very happy :)
He is my favorite character (together with J.J.).To be honest,I couldn't stand him at the beginning but I'm pretty we were SUPPOSED to hate him at the beginning.But that all changed with every new episode ♥

Great picspam!

Seriously, of all the S3 characters, I'm in love with Cook the most. Even though he's an asshole, he's a complex asshole, and on top of that he's so well written and acted (Jack O'Connell <33) that he steals the show every single episode.

This this this, a thousand times this.

I need me a Cook icon.

I agree! Cook is so awesome and, while I do like Freddy, much more complex. I think it's mostly in the acting. I love how Cook at first seems to be your classic asshole character, but then he completely surprises you - like when he hugged J.J. and told him he loved him. I was dying.

I love Cook, but strangely enough I don't like Cook/Effy. idk I like Cook more without Effy. But I do like Cook/Naomi, but that's never going to happen.

I love Cook/Naomi as well :)

oh the perfect little cook. (and the genious: jack <3)
def my favourite skins character ever.

[love the coloring, as always]

Jack is an absolute God. ♥ He made last season. His acting is incredible.

And Cookie Monster is just complex and gorgeous and my favourite male from the latest generation, without question. :D Loads of people I know hate him - but I can't help but love him.

I prefer him without Effy, though. Keep Effy away from the bromance, damn it. It's all about Cook/Naomi, anyway. ♥

Awesome picspam anyway, hun! :D


Couldn't have said it better myself.

Yay, I love him! I think Jack O'Connell is the best actor of this new cast, he totally steals the show. And (sometimes) he's quite pretty too. idk. The cap on the right, third row from the bottom, is gorgeous. The color in this is beautiful!

Really, underrated? pretty much everyone I know loves him.

I've only watched the first episode and i already love him! he is my favorite character so far♥

I love Cook. Great picspam/subject because I really have not seen that many Cook picspams at picspammy

oh hun, nonsense! Everyone loves Cookie! He and Effy are the only ones I care about in S3!

I admit I'm one of those people who hate Cook (though I agree Jack O'Connel does a great job) and find him&Freddie a waste of screentime, but this picspam is GORGEOUS. Looks like you did something special to every cap. I especially love the last cap and the one above it.

Edited at 2009-10-21 10:06 am (UTC)

Every Cook cap deserves tender love and care. XP

i really like cook, he's far from my fave character, i think a lot of the things he does are repulsive but he is also one of the most interesting, fun and complex characters... so in that way i have the same love/hate relationship i have with him that i had with Tony. i think jack does a brilliant job playing him and the character really grew on me, i'm REALLY looking forward to next season, i think we are gonna see some new sides to cookie as well as some of the old cook we love :D
i get why you think he's under-rated, a lot of emphasis this season has been put on naomily and a lot of people focus on effy too, not to mention a lot of people hate him. i find that he's a character that splits the viewers, about half LOVE him and the other half HATE him.... and i think that's wonderful. i think if cook were a real person he would LOVE to know that he has that reaction in the fanbase :P

great picspam hun! :) thanx so much.

this is a really, really gorgeous picspam. and while i know a lot of people who absolutely love cook, i know some people who not just don't like him, but loathe him, so i understand where you're coming from. the caps you chose are brilliant, and i love how you made them all look unique. quite lovely, i must say. ♥

Love this picspam. Oh, Cooooookie.

AAAAHHHH <333333333333
I DO NOT HATE COOK. I love him very much! He's a real dick, but I really like that in a character, and even if he wasn't complex and charming and unbelievably adorable in any scene with Naomi or JJ, I'd still love him because he's the biggest shit-disturber this gen has. Effy does good work in that area too, but goddamn, no one starts drama like the Cookie monster. AND THAT RULES.

great spam!

fuck, i love him so much.

I think Cook is really interesting actually. And oh my GOD the colors on this are pretty. ♥

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